An Anonymous Letter That Made Our Day


An Anonymous Letter That Made Our Day!

An Anonymous Letter That Made Our Day

Team eBuzz.Pk received an anonymous letter in the mail today. The writer had enough details about the work eBuzz.Pk is doing to build a better society. Although the letter was too sweet as it focused on extending appreciation to the eBuzz.Pk team. At the same time, it sounded a little creepy when the first sentence said “We’ve been following you”.

Here is the exactly what the letter said:

“Dear Safeer Ansari

Not to sound creepy, but we’ve been following you. How you care about the community, how you work tirelessly for a better tomorrow and how the work ‘no’ is not a part of your dictionary.

It’s evident that reaching where you have, is not a job for an ordinary person and this letter is to recognize that very extraordinary you. We won’t reveal who we are just yet, but please know that what you write, matters. It brings smiles to people’s faces. All the emotions and love they hide inside, you encourage them to express it. If you really think about it, isn’t that a huge achievement?

Thanks for everything you do.

Don’t forget to post a picture of this letter on your social media profiles with the hashtag, #GiftBackFriday.

We will write again soon to gift back the love.

We are not sure who the sender of this letter is but apparently after reading such wise words, team eBuzz.Pk couldn’t resist from sharing this with their readers and followers.

We will definitely share with you if they write back to us again.

And to this anonymous writer, thank you <3.

Here is a picture of the letter:

An Anonymous Letter That Made Our Day