Nescafe Basement 4 – Forever Mp3 Song Download


Forever from Nescafe Basement 4 Download Mp3 Song!

Forever from Nescafe Basement 4 Download Mp3 Song!

Forever from Nescafe Basement 4 Download Mp3 Song!

Nescafe Basement Season 4 Episode 6
Song: Forever
Original by: Yasrah Haseeb

Vocals: Yasrah Haseeb
Bass: Omair Farooq
Lead Guitars: Hasan Zafar
Cello: Sharoon Leo
Drums: Bilawal Lahooti
Rhythm Guitars: Sherry Khattak
Keyboards: Arsalan Hassan & Yasrah Haseeb
Backing Vocals: Kristin Kanaria & Anna Salman

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Creative Concept
GroupM ESP

On-Ground Execution
Arsalan Munawwar (Identity Events)

Nazim Baig


Editing & Post Production (Team 1)
Mughees Ahmad Nagi
Murtaza Niaz

Editing & Post Production (Team 2)
Usman Aly

Ronin Operator
Azeem Amin

Cinematography (Team 1)
Saad Hashmi
Azeem Amin
Erphan Ali

Cinematography (Team 2)
Malik noor
Muhammad Mohsin Ilyas
Asad Khan
Junaid Mahmood
Malik Nouman (Foto Fankar)
Areeb Imtiaz
Abdul Shafey
Taha Nadeem

Logistics & Production Coordinators
Usman Ghani Khan
Sharey Shahbaz

Video Production Manager
Saad Mahboob

Director of Photography
Rizwan Sherazi (RIZ)

Assistant Music Producers
Farhan Ali
Shahryar Khattak
Turaab Khan

Mixed at XTH Harmonic
by Xulfi

Audio Mastered by
Richard Addison
(Trilium Sound, Canada)

Art Direction
Zain Adil

Assistant Director
Mughees Ahmad Nagi

Assistant Project Manager
Anum Qasum

Project Manager
Muhammad Haider Abbas

Assistant Producer
Saman Haq

Executive Producer
Muhammad Ibrahim

Creative Director
Saad Hashmi

Directed by
Murtaza Niaz

Produced by

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