Jeeto Pakistan conquers the milestone with record-breaking GRPs


Jeeto Pakistan conquers the milestone with record-breaking GRPs!

Jeeto Pakistan conquers the milestone with record-breaking GRPs!

Jeeto Pakistan conquers the milestone with records-breaking GRPs

Fahad Mustafa nowadays is on the verge of breaking all the GRP records with his game show. Jeeto Pakistan is continuously proving to be the biggest game show of Pakistan since it has attracted lots of audiences across the world now. Among the battle of Ramzan transmissions and game shows, ARY Digital seems to be stealing the spotlight already by breaking all the TRP and GRP records.

What’s more interesting is that even the hottest battle that used to hold the highest TRP records was the Pakistan vs India cricket match, and even it couldn’t compete with Fahad Mustafa’s show.

Sunday, 4th June 2017 was the day when Jeeto Pakistan conquered a new milestone. Having Shahid Afridi as the guest of the night, ARY Digital went so far in the race that no other TV channel was able to get even closer to the giant. Scoring 121 GRPs followed by Ten Sports at 66 GRPs, ARY Digital clearly made the history.

Shahid Afridi and Fahad Mustafa in Jeeto Pakistan

All praise to the man with the swag, Fahad Mustafa for bringing out life and energy out of his viewers with his super-energetic performance and humor! No doubts on why his audience across the globe chose to ditch the hottest match of the season and watch Fahad Mustafa Jeeto Pakistan instead.

Even Faysal Qureshi couldn’t refrain from giving a shout-out Fahad Mustafa, called him Mr. Unbeaten!

eBuzz.Pk congratulates Salman Iqbal (CEO ARY), Jerjees Seja aka JJ, the two masterminds behind Jeeto Pakistan, the superstar himself – Fahad Mustafa and the whole team of ARY Digtal over the huge success of Jeeto Pakistan!


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