Rung Do by Call is for the People of Pakistan


Rung Do by Call is for the People of Pakistan

Last time it was on 23rd March 2018 when Call made us bang our heads with their amazing single ‘Zindabad’, featuring 40 drummers from all across the country. It’s 14th August now – the Independence Day, the band brought together 50 passionate videographers to cover 70 cities and villages across the country and released an amazing music video for their song ‘Rung Do’.

Rung Do is not just a song, it’s an initiative that aims to change the world for the better. Call partnered up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan to combat increasing deforestation across the country, becoming their goodwill ambassadors. Rung Do Pakistan is a campaign which has begun from today i.e. August 14, aims to plant 1.4 million trees in one year.

Along with this initiative and a huge collaborative video shoot, Call also conducted a plantation drive in order to raise awareness amongst people regarding climate change and its counter mechanism.

When the guys from Call announced this initiative, a many of their fellow musicians stepped in for their support and gave a shout-out to ‘Rung Do’.

Expressing his views on the support from the fellows, Xulfi said, “We have to become a community that’s aware and caring. That’s the only way we can progress as citizens, as a nation and as humans. ‘Rung Do’ is that message of change that we’ve initiated as CALL in collaboration with WWF and it’s heartening to see the beautiful act it’s inspiring through all of you.”

“We receive tree plantation photos submission every day and it warms my heart to rediscover that an act of change is never impossible if we collaborate and work together. I would want to thank all my musician friends who are a part of this message and are inspiring their legion of fans to plant a tree and being a part of that change,” he added.

The trio, Xulfi, Junaid and Sultan, of Call didn’t stop amazing us here. As we said Rung Do by Call is for the People of Pakistan, Call has hosted a live map on their website. The idea is to pin everyone on the map who plants a tree anywhere in the country.

Rung Do Pakistan is indeed one of its kind project that has a far greater purpose than what will be shown on screen. We wish to see other celebrities follow the trend Call is setting and look forward to more projects like Rung Do Pakistan in coming days. For us Call is not just a ‘band’ anymore, it’s an organization.

Also if you want to be a part of this great project, plant a tree in your neighborhood and submit your picture to the band either via social media or by uploading your picture on a web-page hosted on Call’s official website.

Here is the music video of Rung Do: