Abdullah Qureshi features his wife in his latest music video 'Na Javeen'

Abdullah Qureshi just dropped a new single “Na Javeen” this weekend. The singer came out with a fresh pop electronic sound this time and we are loving the vibe.

The song seems to have a romantic feel to it. Upon being asked what inspired him to write the lyrics, Qureshi said,

I don’t want to give out what the song means to me because then it creates a certain image in the listener’s mind. Everyone should have their own perception of the song, whatever they feel when they first listen to it is the meaning behind it.

The video features his wife Sadiya Abdullah Qureshi, and it is the first time that the couple is seen in a music video together.

The concept is designed by Ammad Khan who says,

We wanted to keep it very abstract and performance based, kind of trippy too with the revolving shots and the art direction.

Syed Hamza from Markhor Films has directed the video and MRKLE has produced the audio at Stardek.

Check out the official music video here: