Dil Tu Jaan Tu by Rafia Zeeshan

Celebrating the 73rd Birthday of Pakistan, the super talented Pakistani Singer “Rafia Zeeshan” has stepped into the music industry with a beautiful National Song called “Dil Tu Jaan Tu”. The song is an adequate expression of love and affection for Pakistan.

Rafia Zeeshan who happens to be a philanthropist by profession but she has immense passion for music and is a true patriot. Not every musician does a debut with National Song. It is her serene love for the country that made her start her career with this wonderful song that expresses her love for Pakistan.

The catchy chorus ‘Pakistan’ leaves you singing along to it. Rafia giftedly mixes the correct vocals well with the lyrical beauty of the song which seems as if it comes out of the deep rooted spirit of patriotism and love for Pakistan that the talented Artist has.

The lyrical content of the song “Dil Tu Jaan Tu” is developed by Rafia’s talented Husband who happens to be a poet. Mr Zeeshan has beautifully put the expression of love and gratitude into words and being a Pakistani, one cannot stop falling in love with these beautiful words and the catchy melody. To top it off, Rafia’s sweet and melodious voice hooks you like anything.

Rafia is all set to make a name for herself in the Pakistani Music Industry and has a lot of music in her bucket. We are sure she is going to emerge as one of the most promising and loveable Pakistani Artists in the coming future.