Things are not too good between the two neighboring countries. Sadly an incident took place in Pulwama lately that took lives of more than 40 Indian security personnel.

Gohar Rasheed responds to Kangana Ranaut on Twitter

The incident didn’t only affect the relation between the rulers of two countries but also the artists across the border went harsh on Pakistan and thus blame games!

First famous writer Javed Akhter took to his twitter to announce the cancellation of his trip to Karachi for an arts and literary festival.

To this, our very own, Shaan Shahid responded by asking to show the friendship and believe in the fact that Pakistan has nothing to do with it.

Followed by this, the Gangster actress Kangana Ranaut talked to an Indian local magazine and expressed her feeling about Pulwama attack by showing hatred towards the neighbors.

“Pakistan’s ban is not the focus, Pakistan destruction is,” said Kangana.

This message was not at all loved by Kangana’s fans in Pakistan. Many even trolled for this statement by tweeting and posting funny memes all over social media.

This morning, Rangreza’s start Mirza Gohar Rasheed took to his twitter in order to respond over Kangana’s statement.

Gohar tweeted,

Hamari Qaum ko Batao kay tsunami anay walla hai to ussko dekhnay kay liye sea-view challay jatay hai. Modi yeh qaum jang say nahie dartee, Excited ho jatey hai or Kangana Ranaut aap ko kiya bollo aapko to apni industry Bahut kuch Bol rahey hai. Paksitan Zindabad!

Damn bro! Not coming slow! That was lit.

Well what happened next was expected. The tweet screenshots were spread all over the social media.

We really hope the relationship between the two countries get better soon, but Kangna bro! Slow down there, plis!

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