Famous India singer Guru Randhawa, who has sung a number of chart-buster Punjabi songs, might visit Pakistan soon.

Lagdi Lahore Di Aa singer might visit Pakistan soon

With his famous track ‘Lahore’, Randawa has made a special place in the heart of Pakistanis.

Randhawa started his career in 2013 and within a short span of time he has managed to collaborate with various international artists like Pibtull and

As his songs like Lahore and Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani are quite famous among Pakistanis, the singer was asked about his visit to Lahore in an interview by Times of India.

To which he replied,

No, I haven’t been to Lahore, but we get calls from Pakistan for a music tour. In fact, I sat with my team and we are planning to go to Pakistan.
I do not know about Lahore, but we might just go to Karachi, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Let’s see

Upon being asked, if he believes that music can be a bridge between both the counties?

“With good music, yes, we can bring people together because a good song will touch your soul no matter what, and where it is coming from,” Randhawa replied.

The singer is loved for his song all across the country and we are sure he’ll have a very successful tour if he comes to Pakistan. No official dates for the tour have been announced yet, but if this happens, it’s definitely going to be a musical bridge between the two neighbors.