One of the most awaited music shows of this season, Nescafe Basement, has finally released their first episode.


Having music produced by Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi), the episode contains two songs, Bol Hu and Mehbooba. While the first song is going to give you all the goosebumps, the second song is a walk down the memory lane.

Bol Hu

Nescafe Basement launches Season 5 with Bol Hu

Take the spiritual journey of Bol Hu with us and let it surprise you. An original by Soch featuring 8 year old Hadia.

Bol Hu is a soul searching trance of belief and devotion, braving the test of time as it has within it, the strength of the universe.

With the release of the first episode, Xulfi said in his Facebook Post

Bol Hu is the truest of all emotions. It’s what we tell ourselves every time we need to believe. It’s what gives us strength. Our first jam for this season was Bol Hu. And it blessed our journey. I want to thank Allah for helping me discover and create a team, a family that together creates magic. For me, this is nothing less than that. Throughout the Nescafe Basement 5 journey, I felt that magic running through my veins. This song is one of the representations of that.

We have been hearing Soch for a while now and the boys have never disappointed us. Adnan’s voice and the band’s music go hand in hand. Bol Hu is just another example of how Soch knows the ‘real music’ right. But the addition of the 8-year old Hadia took the song to a whole new level.


Nescafe Basement launches Season 5 with Bol Hu and Mehbooba

The second one from this episode is an amazing rendition of Mehbooba by Haroon Rashid from the early 2000’s. Ali Tariq, Hamza Tanveer and Ali Asghar resurrected Haroon’s iconic song, accompanied by the trance inducing beats and riffs of drums, saxophone, violin, guitars, bass, percussion and rubab!

Hamza Tanveer is one of the veterans from Nescafe Basement, that would be no surprise for the Basement listeners. In a conversation with eBuzz.Pk, Tanveer said,

“This season, when Xulfi bhai proposed me the idea about doing Mehbooba I was very thrilled and excited to be a part of it. On the very first jam, we got the vibe that it would be a very beautiful and a uniquely different rendition. Starting from Arabic notes by Ali Asghar following by The Djembe jam, and most importantly the 13 years old drummer Sinaan, added more energy to that song and in everyone’s performance on set.”

When we reached out to Ali Asghar, he said,

For me, Nescafe Basement has always been like a dream. It was more than amazing for me to be a part of this season. Then I was offered to contribute to a cover of a song that was an original by none other than Haroon. It wasn’t less than a shock for me and I couldn’t believe that, as I am a huge fan of Haroon. I grew up listening to his songs and Mehbooba has always been on my playlist since my childhood. It was a wonderful experience being a part of this season along with such great musicians, and undoubtedly Mehbooba.

The episode is a mind-blowing start to this season of Nescafe Basement. Having these amazingly talented musicians and a mentor like Xulfi, this season ain’t going to be one easier to handle.

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We can’t wait for the next episode of this season! Bring it on!!