Sonu Nigam reacts to Bol Hu, Xufi records a Thank You note

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi recently recorded a thank you note for Sonu Nigam, but why?!

Lets pause here for a while and talk about Sonu first.

Sonu Nigam cries to Bol Hu

The Indian singer, Sonu Nigam, who is known for his versatile music and soulful voice recently sent love for our favorite Pakistani musicians. Sonu posted a vlog on his official Instagram account. In his vlog, he was spotted reacting to the Nescafe Basement Season 5’s spotlight song, Bol Hu.

Sonu had teary eyes while expressing love for the Bol Hu fame kid Hadia and the super amazing duo of Soch Band, Adnan and Rabi.

The clip went viral in Pakistan within a few hours and started gaining traction over the internet.

Xulfi says Thank You!

In response to Sonu Nigam’s vlog, a beautiful video message was published by the Nescafe Basement producer, our favorite, Xulfi.

Xulfi recorded a thank you message for Sonu Nigam. He said,

I want to thank Sonu for multiple things. I want to thank him for his beautiful message as it would encourage the musicians of the song and motivate them to make music with more dedication and hard-work. I also want to thank him for the his honest reaction and the message of love that he has sent.

I wasn’t expecting this, and the video came out as a surprise to me. It made me happy and hundreds of thousands of people as well.

Here is the full video message from Xulfi, straight out of his heart! ❤️