Xulfi becomes the first Pakistani to get endorsed by Vicoustic

During the times of an ongoing pandemic and chaos, did we just miss out something really positive? I guess yes, kinda!

Our favorite Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi, who needs no introduction. He is one of the most successful music producers of Pakistan and of course every Pakistan loves the music he has made throughout his musical journey. Be it his first band EP, then Call, later on moving to producing Nescafe Basement and recently Coke Anthem and Asma-ul-Husna for Coke Studio as well. The Laree Choote guy is the best in the game.

During the times of an ongoing crises and a couple of sad vibes floating over the internet, Xulfi brings in some positive vibes to the Pakistan’s music scene.

Xulfi and his studio, Xth Harmonic, was recently endorsed by Vicoustic, making him the first Pakistani to achieve this milestone.

Based in Portugal, Vicoustic is world-renowned and an innovative soundproofing company the provides acoustic and audio experience to its customers; magicians like Xulfi.

Expressing his excitement about his revamped studio, Xulfi said

I feel that only now I’m able to hear by room in utmost purity. Any artist I record feels like a superstar playing in this room!

I can confidently claim that all are my best recordings to date. I absolutely love the fact that now my room can sound as intimate and as spacious with utmost cleanliness effortlessly.

The Vicoustic’s official endorsement said,

Xulfi wanted a blend between a cosy living room and a high performance recording studio. That was achieved with a mix between VMT solutions like Flat Panel and ViCloud 3D, developed for Interior Design, Residential and Commercial sectors, and the VicPattern Wavewood, Multifuser DC2 and Wavewood Ultra Lite, traditionally used in the music industry. “I absolutely love it now after the Vicoustic treatment. The eco-friendly and health friendly products have transformed my room to not just a recording space, but a conversation space too and it’s aesthetically pleasing.”

Xulfi took to his Facebook handle to share the news of his Vicoustic endorsement

It is definitely a great achievement for any artist to get featured by super-cool sound professional like Vicoustic.

Indeed it is a proud moment for the Pakistanis to have our superstar being endorsed by the world-renowned Vicoustic. Just like Xulfi expressed his excitement “over the moon 🙂 “.