In the reply to a controversy, that started two days back after Fahad Mustafa’s tweet, Mehwish Hayat responded back on her Instagram account.

Mehwish Hayat just responded to a tweet that Fahad Mustafa made

Mehwish Hayat recently starred in a web-series opposite Azfer Rehman, directed by Wajahat Rauf. Two days back, Fahad Mustafa posted on his official twitter account:

Which Fahad later clarified by making another tweet, and blamed ‘foreign content’ for all that mess.

In reply to this, Wajahat Rauf posted on his Facebook profile:

I thought I’d clarify a point regarding my web series as sometimes silence is not golden: There are like 4 bad words in the entire season of 12 episodes. That too in a fight. Ab moon se phool to jharrein ge naheen larayee ke beech mein like “I hate you but that’s a really nice shirt you’re wearing”. And for God’s sake, there are no sex scenes or even a single references to it. Please feel free to voice your opinion after watching the entire season, not the other way around..but it’s a free world. The good thing is that the overall response has been great on both sides of the border and hence 90 percent positive reviews. And lastly, thank you Fahad Mustafa for putting out the fire before it spread with your gracious comment. Referring to tweet #2 πŸ™‚ You are a big star and an even bigger person.

Fahad Mustafa: Nudity and Sex is Not Content

Now what everything seemed to be a little ‘clear’, Mehwish Hayat just replied to this controversy. The Actor in Law actress posted on her Instagram account:

It is really sad that some people are passing judgments on Enaaya without having watching the complete season. There is so much more to the show than those two dialogues which are not only a realistic portrayal of today’s youth culture but appropriate to the context of the scene. Let’s grow up and accept that a few words are not going to corrupt the nation ! Thank-you, next.

Mehwish Hayat's Instagram post in reply to Fahad Mustafa's Tweet

Oh well, Mehwish did actually came up loud in support of her web series, Enaaya.

Some of her followers don’t really seem to be much happy about her being defensive for the ‘abusive language’.

While many supported her over her statement that it is indeed a ‘realistic’ portrayal of our society.

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