Mohsin Abbas Haider is not happy with Lux Style Awards 2019

The 18th annual Lux Style Awards released the nominations for LSA 2019 on Saturday.

The nominations included many of our favourite celebrities, along with Mohsin Abbas Haider but as a Best Singer for his latest music video Na Jaa.

This has left Mohsin a little unhappy as his drama serial Meri Guriya was overlooked. The actor took to his social media account to express his disappointment.

He started by thanking the organizers of Lux Style Awards 2019 for nominating him as the best singer of the year with Na Jaa but then expressed his disappointment by saying that Meri Guriya didn’t get a single nomination.

The actor wrote,

“First of all thank you for nominating our song Na Jaa in The Best Singer of the Year category. But I am highly disappointed not to see a single nomination of your drama Meri Guriya. I don’t know the reason (which I would love to know, if any) but this is very disrespectful for the whole team of Meri Guriya.”

The Na Maloom Afraad actor ended his post by adding,

And thanks for making me belief more strong that let’s just make money and run our kitchens. Thanks

Meri Guriya was based on the subject of child abuse in our society and country and how pedophiles get away with these crimes.