Zoheb Hassan has called out Pakistan Super League (PSL) and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for using Nazia Hassan’s iconic song Disco Deewane without his permission.

Zoheb Hassan to take PSL in court for Copyright Infringement

About last night at the opening ceremony of PSL 2019, Shuja Haider and Aima Baig performed on Disco Deewane.

Zoheb Hassan took to his Facebook profile and posted,

I was shocked to see that a reputable platform like PSL used our track Disco Dewane without our prior permission. Outright infringement of intellectual property should be condemned and I am going to take a legal stand on this one.

Followed by this, a local media outlet reached out to Zoheb.

“I am going to make an example out of this,” Zoheb Hassan said.

He added to this by saying,

This is not only for me or my song. Copyrights need to be respected across the board. Nazia was a very kind soul and she is not here with us today but even she would have been unhappy about it.

Dosti singer has already spoken to someone at PSL but nothing official has come out of it yet.

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